Other Services

Escrow safe

Our law firm offers escrows of money or documents in connection with sales and other transactions. Opening and operating an attorney escrow is governed by professional rules of the Czech Bar Association and we strictly adhere to these rules. In addition, every attorney-at-law is insured against damage caused to clients, so the parties are certain to collect the funds in any conceivable case.

Authentication of a signature

We ensure authentication of signatures in connection with other legal services. E.g. if we prepare a real-estate sales contract, the parties’ signatures are authenticated as a part of the process. Authentication is not offered generally to the public. Attorneys-at-law do not have the power to certificate copies, so you shall visit a CZECH Point office (e.g. a local authority, notary or post office) with such a requirement.

Cooperation with other experts

As a matter of course, we cooperate with selected notaries, private executors, tax experts, interpreters, and expert witnesses.

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