Corporate Law

Our law firm also offers complex legal services in the area of corporate law.

We give advise, for example, in connection with the establishment of individual forms of commercial companies, the restructuring of commercial companies, as well as their winding-up and dissolution.

Lawyers of our firm have broad practical experience and proficiency in the area of corporate governance. We provide complex legal services, in particular, for the executive and controlling bodies of commercial companies (executives, board of directors and supervisory board), including legal consulting in connection with the preparation and holding of general meetings of joint stock companies and limited liability companies, as well as with the legal structuring of internal legal relationships within commercial companies involving relationships with minority shareholders.

In the area of mergers and acquisitions, we provide our clients with comprehensive legal consultancy throughout the complete merger and/or acquisition process.

Finally, our firm provides advice in the area of groups of companies, including restructuring and the setting up of legal relationships within the group of interconnected entities.

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