Civil Law

Intellectual Property Law

Our law firm provides legal services in the field of intellectual property including drafting of license agreements, assistance with the filling of trade marks, as well as domain disputes resolution. With regard to the dynamic nature of information technology and the Internet, we are ready to provide fast and effective solutions tailored for each project.

Consumer protection

Our law firm provides legal services in the area of consumer protection, in particular analysis of consumer contracts, distant or door-to-door conclusion of a contract etc.


Our legal services in this area include legal consultancy in making a last will and representation of our clients in inheritance cases, including cases of disinheritance.

Damages and others

Our law firm advises and represents clients claiming or defending damages and warranty claims, unjust enrichment and non-cover insurance premium. This comprises damages arising from personal injury (compensation for pain and suffering, deformity, healing costs, damages arising from shock, lost salary) as well as damages arising from the non-performance or defective performance of contracts. We represent manufacturers, importers and dealers in court in product liability cases. We also take over product liability cases on the claimant's side.


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