Law Firm

Kolar & Herudkova law firm provides legal services to private clients, entrepreneurs, public authorities, non-profit institutions, and local communities.

In connection with the provision of complex legal services, K&H law firm offers its clients the opportunity to benefit from valuable experience and talent of its lawyers, acquired not only during their long-term involvement with a renowned international law firm, but also by an everyday activity in the course of general practice performance.

Owing to an accurate understanding of the Czech legal and business environments K&H provide their clients with legal services of a superior quality at reasonable prices.

We place emphasis on a personal responsible approach to the entrusted cases, and K&H endeavor to find ideal and financially effective solutions to their clients’ legal affairs.

Follow the recommendations of K&H’s existing clients, come to our law firm and entrust your legal affairs into our hands. We will do our best for you to become our satisfied clients, further recommending our services. A well done job and you being satisfied is the greatest reward for us.

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